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What My Chainsaw Taught Me About Life

Not long ago I decided to tackle a job I was dreading. I had several trees that had fallen in my yard and it was time to cut them up and split the wood. I got out my chain saw, filled it with gasoline and bar oil, put on my safety equipment and was ready to start. The job I had been dreading was finally getting done. I started the chainsaw and made my first cut. I was about halfway through the cut when the tree shifted in a direction I hadn’t expected. Not a big shift…just enough to pinch the chainsaw blade. In other words, the chainsaw was now pinched between the tree and the piece of wood I was cutting and I couldn’t get the chainsaw out. It was stuck in the tree. Suddenly, the work was stopped. I hadn’t expected this.

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to insert wedges, trying to reposition a tree I discovered I really couldn’t move, and just becoming frustrated at being forced to deal with the unexpected. The plans I made for the day were falling apart. Things just weren’t working like I had planned.

How about you? Do you think you have your life planned? Do you think you have everything calculated and life is going to progress just as you have it planned? Well, get ready. I can just about guarantee that something is going to pinch your chainsaw blade. You will run into health issues, marriage difficulties, problems with your children, financial problems, or a host of other blade pinchers. I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m simply saying this because it’s usually how life works.

For believers in Christ, we have a wonderful promise when we are confronted with these life pinchers. In I Peter, chapter 5 we read this:

Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.

Did you hear that? Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares for you. Don’t give some of your worries but give all of your worries. Not some of the things that are bothering you but all of them. When something happens to pinch your life, remember this promise and do it…give your worries and cares to God.

But let’s not forget the second part of this verse. We’re not told just to give our worries to God, we’re told to give our worries to God because He cares for us. What a wonderful promise. In times of difficulty we serve a God who actually cares for us and desires to take our cares and worries away from us…to relieve that pinch we are feeling.

So instead of becoming frustrated and upset with unexpected situations in your life, take this promise to heart and give your cares to God because He cares for you. See what a difference this one action makes in your life.

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