I’ll See If I Can Fit You On My Calendar

When is the last time God spoke to you? I know that question might sound a bit odd to you but shouldn’t you be having regular conversations with God? This is a relationship, right? In relationships we communicate so how is your communication going with God?

People often ask me this question: How do I know what God wants me to do? My response is the same. I simply ask folks, “What are you doing to hear God speak to you?”

In a world so full of email, texting, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the other technological ways to communicate, no wonder many of us are missing out on hearing God. We check our phone every time it dings for the latest status update but we won’t spend time with God.

Even the Psalmist, David, recognized the need to spend time talking with God. Psalm 27, verse 8 says this:

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

So how do we talk with God? Psalm 46, verse 10 gives us a great place to start the conversation. Here is what this verse tells us:

Be still and know that I am God.

Right there in that small verse is the key to the start of the conversation…be still. That means we need to intentionally set aside time to talk with God. That shouldn’t be a surprise to us. In our earthly relationships we make time to talk with folks. We get together for coffee, lunch, holidays or a variety of reasons just to talk and be together. David tells us we should be doing the same thing to talk with God.

It is in the stillness that you can begin to hear God speak with you. It is in that time that you set aside just to develop the relationship between you and God that you will hear Him speak.

So, be like David who desired to hear God’s voice and like David simply say, Lord, I’m coming. God, I want to hear your voice. Set aside time for the conversation and don’t let anything disturb that special time. You might be surprised by what you’ve been missing and by what God has to say.

A Letter From The Future


This week I learned about the life of twelve-year-old Taylor Smith.  On January 12th, Taylor died from complications related to pneumonia.  As you might imagine, her family was devastated…a young girl full of life with no expectation of death.

However, days after Taylor’s death her parents found something that showed them just how special Taylor really was.  They found a letter in a sealed envelope that Taylor wrote to herself.  On the envelope Taylor wrote this: to be opened by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023 only.

Because of Taylor’s death, her parents decided to open the letter.  What they found was amazing.  Taylor wrote a letter to herself to see what she had become ten years in the future.  Taylor’s letter talked about a variety of things but one thing she said really stands out.  Talking to herself in what she thought would be 2023, Taylor’s write this, …how’s your relationship with GOD? Have you prayed, worshipped, read the bible, or gone to serve the Lord recently? If not, get up and do so NOW! I don’t care what point in our life we’re in right now, do it!

So a twelve-year-old girl has the foresight to want to know ten years in the future how her relationship is with God.  In twelve short years, Taylor had learned something about her relationship with God that many of us struggle with today.  Taylor learned that she couldn’t postpone her relationship with God.  It’s just too important to wait.  In Taylor’s words, I don’t care what point in our life we’re in right now, do it!

Let me ask you what Taylor asked herself.  How’s your relationship with God? Have you prayed, worshipped, read the bible, or gone to serve the Lord recently?  Our lives get so busy that sometimes we push our relationship with God to the sideline.  We think we will get around to God when the time is right.  We sideline God thinking there will always be time.

Let’s take a lesson from a young girl whose priority was her relationship with a God she loved dearly. As Taylor would remind us, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now. Stop and make sure God is your priority.  Don’t wait…do it now!