Have You Seen This Painting?

I have a special wall in my office. The wall houses paintings that TFC students have created for me. It’s a special place because it reminds me of the talent and kindness of our students.

When visitors come into my office they often look at various paintings on the wall and ask me who painted each one. I take time and tell visitors about the students and the story behind the paintings.

I also have another wall of family photographs. Again, visitors who stop by my office look at the photographs and someone usually finds one they especially like and inevitable ask me who took the photograph.

Throughout my travels I encounter folks who simply don’t believe in God. They are atheists. Over and over they tell me there is no evidence of a God. Now, how do paintings and photographs in my office relate to the belief of atheists? Let me tell you.

I have spoken and written about the issue of common sense before. The paintings, photographs, and no belief in God are all related to simple common sense. Those with no belief in God look at paintings and assume a painter. They look at photographs and assume a photographer. They look at creation and say there is no creator. They assume the world was created by chance. What? Why would you look at all of creation and not assume a creator? Here is where we find the common sense disconnect. We look at simple things (like paintings and photographs) and take a common sense approach. However, on issues of faith, some folks get so busy arguing scientific and theological positions that they become either unable or unwilling to see clearly what is obvious and right before their eyes.

A painter created the paintings on my wall. A photographer created the photographs on my wall. The God of the Bible created our world. To reach any other conclusion is hard to support. Where there is a creation there is a creator.

Don’t forget your common sense when you look at issues of faith and creation. The answer isn’t always complex.

You Were Not Formed Randomly. Here’s Why.


I have always been intrigued with the study of intelligent design.  If you’re not familiar with this scientific area of study, intelligent design is defined as the theory that life, or the universe, cannot have developed by chance but was designed and created by some intelligent entity. In other words, creation and even the human body show such complexity in design that the chances of forming through some type of random process are mathematically improbable.  These design complexities point to an intelligent creator.  Many of us believe that creator is the God of the Bible.

Dr. Stephen Meyer is a well-known researcher in the area of intelligent design.  He has scientifically evaluated many aspects of creation including the chance that DNA contained in our body could simply form randomly. As Dr. Stephen Meyer points out, the creation of DNA in the body is a three-step process.  First, an amino acid strand is necessary for the formulation of DNA.  What are the chances of just a small strand of amino acids forming randomly?  Dr. Meyer calculated the chance of this occurring randomly as one chance in 1030.  That is the number 1 with 30 zeros after it! Second, every amino acid must have a mirror of itself to function properly.  What are the chances of random mirroring of the amino acid?  Dr. Meyer calculates this as one in 1060.  Finally, Dr. Meyer tells us that the strands must be in a specific sequence.  He explains they must be arranged like letters in a sentence to make sense.  What are the chances of this happening randomly?  Dr. Meyer has calculated this chance as one in 10130.

This week CNN published an article called, Are We Born With a Moral Code? The Baby Lab Says “Yes”This Yale University study attempted to answer the following question, Are we born knowing the difference between good and evil or are these moral beliefs taught?

This article notes that many researchers now believe that babies are born with a sense of morality…that parents and society can help develop this morality but that neither parents nor society can create the actual belief system. The understanding of good and evil is already built into us at birth. Could an intelligent designer have built that into each of us?  A lot of scientific evidence is pointing in that direction.

So the team at Yale University is telling us that babies are born with an understanding of good and evil…evidence that a Creator placed that within each of us.  Dr. Stephen Meyer is doing remarkable work using science to show an intelligent designer in both the creation of the universe and our very bodies. Again, showing us that the chances of humans randomly developing are mathematically almost impossible.

Scientific evidence clearly points to an intelligent designer. Maybe it is time for us to realize there is a wonderful Creator who cares about us and has made us all in a wonderful way.  Perhaps we all need to realize that all truth is God’s truth and that includes the truth in scientific studies that points to a creator.  You are not alone in this world.  God has created you and the world you live in.  Stay open to what God has planned for you.