Time To Check Your Thanksgiving Attitude

The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner. It seems every year someone tells us to count our blessings…to remember all those things we should be thankful for. While this is great advice, sometimes we only think about things to be grateful about rather than developing an attitude of gratefulness.

This week I was reading about a lady who attended a Garth Brooks concert. During the concert Garth was singing a very popular song he wrote called “The Dance”. As he was singing this song, a lady from the audience held up a sign that read:

Chemo this morning
Garth tonight
Enjoying the dance

Let’s stop for a moment and think about this sign and what it signals about attitude. I have been around many people who I simply call an energy leak. When they talk to you the joy of life seems to just get pulled from your body. You can feel these folks draining the energy right out of you! These energy leaks complain over trivial matters, the complaining goes on and on. Every time you try to get away they take you by the arm and complain some more.

Contrast this with the woman holding the sign. If anyone has something to complain about it’s this woman. Suffering from cancer and chemotherapy she makes a choice to be thankful. She could choose to sit at home and complain but instead she decides to go celebrate life at a Garth Brooks concert.

You see our decision to be thankful for what we have is a choice. We can choose to be an energy leak…a drain on others…or we can choose to be a light to the world…showing the world what it really means to be a follower of Christ.

I am reminded of this verse in Psalm 118:24 that says this:

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

This is a short but powerful verse. In all we do, each and every day choose to rejoice!

So as Thanksgiving approaches, remember to focus on a thankful attitude like the woman with the sign. Your attitude really is a choice and God, through His word, has told us the right choice to make. It’s simple…be thankful and rejoice.

Look What’s On My Napkin


This week I read a story about a dad whose name is Garth.  Garth was diagnosed with cancer now for the third time.  He was told by his medical team that he has an eight percent chance of living five more years.  This news just confirms that there is a really good chance that Garth is soon going to die.  Imagine getting that type of news.  Imagine looking across the desk at the doctor who tells you that your life is coming to an end.  You’re a mom or dad with a young daughter just getting ready to enter high school.  What would you do?

Garth decided he was going to do something special.  He is writing 826 napkin notes with inspiring words for his daughter whose name is Emma.  He will have one note for his daughter’s lunch for every day she is in high school.  Let me give you an idea of what his notes say.

One note says this, Dear Emma, sometimes when I need a miracle I look into your eyes and realize I already created one.  Love, Dad

So often we wait for tragedy to hit before we let people know how much we care about and love them.  It’s easy to get caught up in our own life pressures and forget what the Bible has told us.  Take a look at James chapter 4 that says this, How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.  The older I get the more I understand the truth in this verse.  Life passes so quickly and there is no promise of tomorrow.

Let’s not wait until it is too late to tell others how special they really are.  Spend plenty of time with your family.  Our children grow all to quickly.  Our spouses are growing older each day.  At some point, if we live healthy lives, our daily work jobs will be finished and I suspect most of us will wish we had spent more time on some of the things in our life with eternal significance.  Go home tonight, hug your family and tell them how special they really are. Your family needs to hear it from you.