Opening Toccoa Falls College Chapel (2019)

lee-soo-hyun-bo7_MA7u-_4-unsplashThe fall semester is underway.  Here are some thoughts during the opening week of college for the new year. My thoughts begin at the 18 minute mark.

Photo by Lee Soo hyun on Unsplash

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  1. If I only knew then at my high school graduation ceremony what I know now, I would have asked more really — old — people their advise on how to make money and what they learned out of life and what they thought was the best career path for me to do to succeed at life. Now, at age 75, I know — but — then I didn’t, and it’s really sad that I had to take so many years to learn and thus waste all of that time, when all I had to really do – was listen to old people and take their advice. Please pass this message on! 🙂

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