That Looks Beautiful

After a recent snowfall I was standing in my dining room with my wife looking at the newly fallen snow. We were talking about how our normal view out of this window had changed. The view was new. The white snow had transformed the woods into something even prettier and certainly much different.

As I thought more about this, I remembered places that weren’t pretty to see without the covering of snow. Some were run down, broken, and falling apart. Yet, when covered by the snow these areas became new. These places became beautiful. Old buildings and run down neighborhoods were transformed by the covering of the white snow.

The color white has some interesting history. In Roman times people on trial for crimes were given a white stone if they were acquitted and found innocent. The color white symbolized that innocence.

If you study the psychology of colors you will find that white is the color of new beginnings and of wiping the slate clean. Some psychologists say that white symbolizes a blank canvas just waiting to be written upon.

It is no wonder that we read this in Isaiah 1:18 when Christ says:

Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.

You see, just like run down, dilapidated buildings there are those with run down and dilapidated lives. Lives that are broken. Lives that aren’t pretty to see. Lives filled with sin like scarlet that need to be made beautiful again and white as snow.

By letting Christ become the leader of your life, your sins are forgiven and that white color we have been talking about symbolizes a new beginning for you. Your old life filled with sin has been wiped clean and you are ready for a new beginning. Your life has now become a blank canvas just waiting for the artistry of God to make you a new person.

Are you ready for a new beginning? Today is the day. This is the moment. Though your sins are like scarlet, Christ will make them white as snow. Don’t wait. Ask God to wipe your old slate clean today and experience a new beginning in Christ.

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