That Will Leave A Mark

Recently our area faced some icy conditions. Radio and TV broadcasts cautioned all of us to drive safely on the slippery roads. Friends told me to be careful while walking to avoid a fall. We were salting steps and roads to melt the ice and avoid accidents.

What struck me is that as careful as everyone was being in the icy conditions, we just seem to be so amused when someone finally does fall. When I served as a police officer I remember getting dispatched to an accident in very icy weather. When I arrived, people were standing around smashed cars all watching me get out of the police car. I carefully adjusted my Smokey the bear hat, opened the car door, took about two steps and promptly slid down a ten-foot embankment smashing my hat as I rolled down the hill. It was so slippery that I had to get the help of the people involved in the accident to pull me back up the embankment. I can tell you this…the folks involved in the accident were absolutely hysterical with laughter watching me roll down the hill. In fact, it was so funny to them that they didn’t even ask if I was OK. They simply enjoyed the show.

We have entire TV shows that are dedicated to showing videos of people falling off bikes, trampolines, horses, boat docks, and skateboards. These video even provide monetary awards for the best fall according to an audience vote. We sit in our living rooms laughing over these falls that often look quite painful.

I just don’t know what it is but we just find it funny when people fall. We say things like, I bet that hurt or That will leave a mark and then have a good laugh.

But let me say this. We have people that we interact with every day that are in another type of fall…a spiritual fall. Sometimes I wonder if we observe folks struggling with their faith and experiencing a spiritual free fall and treat it almost like a physical fall. We see folks whose lives are spinning out of control because they have rejected Christ…they are falling…and we simply ignore them or think to ourselves, that will leave a mark. We see people spiritually falling and struggling all around us, recognize their need for Christ, but yet we do nothing.

I am reminded of Matthew 28, verses19-20 that says this:

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.

So…when you see folks in a spiritual free fall get involved. Do what Christ commanded…go and make disciples. In other words, tell falling folks about the wonderful power of God and what their life could be like if they allowed Christ to be their leader. Step in and be their spiritual guardrail, helping hand, safety net, or whatever it takes to break their spiritual fall. We live in a world of spiritually falling folks who desperately need you to show them how the power of Christ can stop their fall. There are some folks that you can reach better than anyone else. Get involved and don’t let them down.

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