Who Do You Want To Be?

I spend a lot of time talking with students as they struggle with this one question: What do I want to be? We talk about this when they are seniors in high school and we talk about it throughout their college years. What do I want to be? Moms and dads talk about this with their children, youth pastors talk about it with the kids in the church. I know adults who have been working for years that still struggle with this question. What do I want to be?

When I go to social events one of the first questions people ask me is this: So, what do you do? I have told folks on occasion that I like to run, I enjoy spending time with my family, and I enjoy watching old movies. All I get are blank looks because that isn’t what they meant. They weren’t really asking what I do they really wanted to know my job title. We live in a world where many folks want to know your job and then assign your value based upon your job title.

May I suggest to you today that we are asking the entirely wrong question? The question isn’t what do you want to be. The real question we should all be asking is who do you want to be? Although God has wired each of us differently for a variety of professions, have you noticed that scripture doesn’t focus on professions? Scripture doesn’t focus on the what it focuses on the who. When I say it focuses on the who, I mean scripture focuses on our character…it focuses on who we should be. It focuses on who is the person that God wants us to become.

Exodus gives us the Ten Commandments as requirements for living a life filled with godly character. Job shows us how to live through suffering and emerge stronger than when we started. The book of James cautions us about what we say and the power of our words. Proverbs gives us thirty-one chapters devoted to godly character development and the list could go on and on. It sure seems like God is far more concerned about who you are than what you are.

So…next time someone asks you what you want to be or what you do, have some fun with them. Tell them you would rather talk about who you want to become…not what you do. I guarantee you the conversation will get very interesting very quickly and you just might have a chance to share the gospel in a very unique way.

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