What Is The Gift of Christmas? It Might Be Different Than You Think.

It’s Christmas…my favorite time of year. Yes…I love the trees, the lights, the music, and especially the food. It’s a wonderful time of year for me.

But as I enjoy Christmas I realize what the birth of Christ has really been about for me. It’s been about hope. It’s about a birth 2,000 years ago that brings hope to a guy living in 2014.

You see although all those things I spoke about earlier are enjoyable for me, they are not what Christmas is about. Let me say it again. Christmas is about hope. Because of the birth of Christ I now have the hope found in Christ’s atonement for my sins. I have the hope of eternal life. I have the hope that God will wipe away all my tears and there will come a time when I will suffer no more. I have the hope that death has been swallowed up in victory. I have the hope of Christ’s healing. I have the hope that God will be with me wherever I go. I have hope in the unfailing love of Christ. I know the God of hope will fill me with joy and peace. The birth of Christ brought me hope.

I don’t mean hope based upon the definition that we use in our culture. I don’t mean hope like I hope my haircut looks good. I hope my new suit fits properly. I hope I find a parking space close to the door. I hope my cake turns out great. No, I mean hope with an eternal significance. Hope that transcends this lifetime into eternity. Hope that can only come from the birth of a baby named Jesus so many years ago. A hope found only in Christ.

So as you go about your activities this Christmas remember this remarkable gift of hope. If you are feeling depressed there is hope. If you don’t know what the new year will bring there is hope. If you are struggling with family issues there is hope. The birth of a baby named Jesus brought you the gift of hope.

All of us at Toccoa Falls College wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that you will experience the only true hope found in Jesus Christ.

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