I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag. Is That Too Political?

Just days before September 11th, CBS Sports Network refused to broadcast a thirty second television ad depicting a four year old girl simply reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Windermere Real Estate, located in the State of Washington, submitted the ad to run during the television broadcast of the Wrangler Champions Challenge Rodeo.

The ad was really very simple. It depicted a four-year-old girl with her hand over her heart reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The owner of Windermere Real Estate, Dave Retter, said this about the ad:

We just thought it’s around Sept. 11, Patriot Day, and rodeo is as patriotic a sport as it comes.

So why would CBS Sports Network reject an ad like this? Well…get ready. The folks who submitted the ad say they received an email from CBS Sports Network telling them that this ad was rejected because of its political nature.

The folks from Windermere say they tried to get clarification from CBS Sports Network but instead they get nothing but silence. CBS Sports Network also did not return messages from the local reporters who first wrote about this story.

Let’s just be honest. What CBS Sports Network really means is that the ad was rejected because it could offend others. I just don’t know how else the phrase “political nature” could be defined in this context.

Shame on CBS Sports Network for not running this ad. Since when did the Pledge of Allegiance become political? Maybe it’s time that we remembered what this pledge is all about and really take it seriously. We need to love and support our country and be thankful for all those who have served to protect us and keep us free. At Toccoa Falls College we frequently repeat the Pledge of Allegiance and we support those who protect our country. We will always pray that God will bless the United States of America.

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