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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is a wonderful organization that has been telling college students about the power of the gospel for more than seven decades. They can be found on 616 college campuses and have 949 chapters serving college students.

For years, IVCF has been a part of campuses associated with the California State University system (CSU). IVCF has 23 chapters on 19 CSU campus locations. Until now.

Just one week ago the California State University system implemented a new nondiscrimination policy. As part of this policy, CSU no longer recognizes InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as an official student organization.

Why this change? Because IVCF will not allow students to lead their chapters if they do not agree with basic, historic Christian beliefs. The CSU system now requires that all their student groups accept all students, regardless of their beliefs, as group leaders.

Here is what a representative from IVCF said about this new policy:

While InterVarsity invites and welcomes all students as participants, we believe a Christian group should have the right to expect and even require their leaders to be Christian – just as any student group, club or Greek organization should be able to require their leaders to be like minded.

Before you begin to think that the IVCF is a closed group and CSU needed to take action to make them more inclusive, approximately 50% of students active in IVCF are members of ethnic minority groups, in California the number is closer to 70%.

At Toccoa Falls College we agree with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Why should any organization be forced to allow someone to lead them who doesn’t believe in what the organization believes? Would a church hire a pastor who disagreed with the beliefs of the church? Would the military keep a general who didn’t believe in the constitution? Would a Chinese restaurant hire a manager who knows nothing about Chinese food? Of course not. Yet, we are telling a Christian group they must be willing to be led by those who don’t even believe in Christianity.

For a university, like the California State University, who should be leading others in critical thinking skills, this decision to remove IVCF from their campuses is inexcusable. Yet again, in our politically correct world, common sense, rest in peace.

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  1. Hi Dr. Myers ! I really enjoy your blog.. Thank you so much for serving Christ through your words and leadership . My husband and I were recently on your beautiful campus to film a short video for the Well house of prayer down the street from you . We were able to capture some great footage of the falls and would love if you would check out the video and share it if you feel led. vimeo.com/106345767 blessings to you !

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