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Do you ever just get tired hearing about divorce? I sure do. We hear the statistics almost daily on how many marriages fail. We hear about the children dealing with the aftermath of a broken family. We hear about folks who say marriage just isn’t for them. Some of these folks simply choose to live together to see how things work out.

Mexico is now considering two-year marriage contracts. The contracts simply expire. If the marriage is going well, you can renew your contract. If not, the marriage neatly ends.

Psychology Today also had a recent article in support of term marriages. The author said that the term marital contract with a renewal option idea holds considerable potential to create conditions for free choice, communication and negotiation…

Today I want to take you on a different direction and tell you about Don and Maxine Simpson. According to one of their grandchildren after Don and Maxine were married they became inseparable.

Several weeks ago Don’s health began to slip after he took a fall. During the same time, Maxine’s cancer took a turn for the worse. Suddenly, Don and Maxine found themselves dying next to each other in separate hospital beds. But what happened next is remarkable.

On my blog you can see pictures of Don and Maxine dying together but holding hands. You see, they had been married for sixty-two years and really were inseparable…even as they lay dying. One of the grandchildren taking care of Don and Maxine reported that she heard Maxine take her last breath and she was gone. Maxine had died.

A short time later this same grandchild accompanied health care workers who removed Maxine’s body from the room. Here’s what the grandchild reported:

I walked them out with her body, walked back to check on grandpa and he quit breathing as soon as her body left the room. He left with her and they passed four hours apart from each other.

This story is a word picture of the definition of the commitment of marriage. This is what scripture speaks about in Mark chapter 10, verse 8, where we read this:

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

Don and Maxine had become one flesh. What God had joined nobody was going to separate. Congratulations to Don and Maxine for understanding what marriage commitment means and for modeling that to the rest of the world.

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