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What’s A Little Lie Among Friends?

Summer is a big time for churches all across America to host vacation bible school. One church in Carthage, MO did just that. In fact, they called their bible school program God’s Rescue Squad. Each day of the week the church invited different rescue squads to come visit the church and show the kids what recue squads do. The paramedics came on Monday, the fire department on Tuesday, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department brought their K-9 unit out on Wednesday. On Thursday the church wanted to honor the National Guard. Guess who refused to come? You guessed it…the National Guard.

The church was told it was against military policy for the National Guard to participate in any church vacation bible school program. Here’s how the National Guard policy reads:

Army participation must not selectively benefit (or appear to benefit) any person, group, or corporation (whether profit or nonprofit); religion, sect, religious or sectarian group, or quasi-religious or ideological movement.

Here are two quotes from the members of the National Guard who were not permitted to attend the vacation bible school:

I can tell you I’m ashamed and embarrassed right now. This isn’t the military I signed up for.

How about this comment from another National Guard member:

We had a lot of disappointed kiddos because of the National Guard being unwilling to allow a Humvee and a few soldiers to spend an hour at a Baptist church. It makes me wonder what I’m actually fighting for.

But wait…let’s back up the bus a minute. Look at the policy we just noted. Army participation must not selectively benefit…any person, group, etc.

In June of 2014 our military color guard marched in the 39th Annual Capital Pride parade…which specifically celebrates the gay agenda. The Washington D.C. Color Guard began the parade immediately following a motorcycle group called Dykes on Bikes. This is the same color guard that presents official colors for the president, members of Congress and countless official state functions.

This very military policy, so concerned with showing favoritism to a specific group and prevented our soldiers from showing Humvees to six year olds at a church vacation bible school does not prevent our soldiers from marching in a gay pride parade. I always thought policies applied to everyone. Apparently in the military they do not.

If the military (or anyone else) is going to give certain groups preferential treatment I wish they would just tell us. How about some honesty? I sure get tired of the political spin. If you don’t want to support the Christian faith and would rather support the gay agenda, just tell the truth. We wouldn’t agree with your decision but at least we would respect some honesty.

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