Don’t Waste Your Money Supporting These Ideas

Several weeks ago I discussed a new television channel being proposed called AtheistTV. That blog generated quite a bit of email from our atheist friends. Some of the notes were kind and most of them were, well, less than kind. Let me quickly add that I am thankful for the notes and subsequent discussions from those folks who clearly want a respectful, healthy discussion.

One of the notes I received led me to a college that markets as a seminary. However, one thing you will find different when you visit the promotional materials for this seminary is this. They advertise as Everything You Dreamed of…pagan online education. Now that got me interested so I dug a little deeper. This particular seminary is offering a course this summer titled, Beginners Guide to Shapeshifting. Here is a portion of the course description:

For many people around the world and throughout history, the ability to change one’s form at will is a reality. …Students build an understanding of the processes and reasons for different kinds of shapeshifting (its pleasures, perils, and functions), and greater familiarity with how shapeshifting can become a powerful spiritual and personal practice.

Really? For many people around the world and throughout history, the ability to change one’s form at will is a reality? Come on…I don’t know of one person let alone many people that change their form at will. Let’s use some common sense here. Don’t you think that if this were possible someone with a smartphone would have taken a video? You don’t think the media would be interested in this?

I am amazed at what people believe today. I am always disappointed at what is being sold as education. Now remember, if you take the shapeshifting course from this college, it’s not free. They advertise a tuition rate of $145 a credit hour. So this course would cost you $435. You’re in luck though. They do advertise no books are required for the course. I believe I would withhold payment until after the course and then shapeshift something into currency to make the tuition payment.

Am I poking fun? I sure am. We need to regain our common sense and not support institutions and people that make wild claims with no substantiation. People can say anything they want until they are confronted with the light of truth. So…go out and illuminate some dark corners of the world with the light of truth.

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