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Here’s A Show You Want To Miss

It’s coming to a TV near you. A new TV channel dedicated to atheists, humanists, and others dedicated to godlessness. It called AtheistTV and is launching this summer.

A spokesman for AtheistTV, Dave Muscato, said this: There’s a glut of religious TV programming out there, from televangelists to Christmas specials but there’s no atheist channel. We wanted to fill that void.

Now as a business guy, I wouldn’t rush out to invest funds in AtheistTV to fill this void. I suspect there is a void because there is no demand. Imagine how many different television programs exist. It would take a very long time to count all the shows we could watch. However, all of us have quite a bit of experience watching TV. Can you name one television show specifically dedicated to the atheist worldview? I sure can’t.

AtheistTV wants to launch their new show on ROKU. ROKU carries 300 faith-based channels that include programming of Christian music, sermons, and worship services. How many atheist stations are on ROKU? You guessed it…not one.

So what are the chances of success for AtheistTV? It doesn’t sound good to me. After all, what are they going to talk about? A god they don’t believe in. Why worry about something you don’t believe in anyway?

I find it interesting how the press is constantly bombarding us with the atheist worldview. Atheists are suing to bring down religious symbols, threatening to sue schools that allow Christmas music to be sung, suing schools that participate in Christmas toy drives, and the list goes on. Yet, there are 300 Christian channels on ROKU and not one atheist channel. Clearly in terms of supply and demand, viewers are far more interested in the Christian worldview.

So, let’s stop being bullied by some of these folks. Don’t be afraid to pushback. Are atheists entitled to their opinion? Of course. But that doesn’t mean we need to agree with that opinion. Don’t fall into the trap that tolerance of any worldview means agreement. I will allow folks to give their opinion because they have that constitutional right. However, that doesn’t mean I agree and I will speak up and say so. I hope you will too.

So, if AtheistTV makes it to ROKU this summer, go ahead and pick one of the other 300 Christian-based stations to watch. AtheistTV has a right to be on television but I have a right to exercise my remote control and turn them off.

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