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How Do You Know The Bible Is True?

If someone asked you to explain how you know the bible is true, what would you say? Would you be at a loss for words? Would your brain just be whirling trying to come up with some logical response? For many of us the answer to both of these questions would be yes.

I once was talking with a man when someone asked him this very question: How do you know the bible is true? His response? Because God said it is true. Now, OK, those of us brought up in the church sort of get that answer. However, if you don’t believe in God to begin with, that answer won’t get you very far. In our culture, the decision to believe in God is often directly linked to whether the person can believe in God’s word…the bible.

There is a specific field of study in Christian theology called apologetics. Apologetics is a branch of Christian theology devoted to the intellectual defense of faith. Each of us needs to clearly understand the major arguments used by today’s culture that attempt to defeat the validity of scripture. Many of the arguments are the same and simply passed on from person to person. Arguments such as discrepancies in scripture, problems with translations of the original texts, the bible is too old, etc. With a little study you can easily talk about these topics with unbelievers and answer many of these objections to scripture.

Studying some apologetics isn’t simply a nice thing to do. God requires it. In the book of Peter, chapter 15 we are told this:

…you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.

So are you ready to explain your Christian hope? If you’re not, here is a quick way to get started. Lee Strobel wrote three books that will get you well on your way to discovering answers to confirm the truth of the bible. Strobel was an atheist working for the Chicago Tribune as an investigative reporter. He holds a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School and a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. After investigating the evidence for Christ he became a follower of Christ and has documented the evidence pointing toward the truth of scripture.

So get started on your mini apologetics journey and pick up three of Strobel’s books. First, read The Case for Christ. Second, read The Case for Faith, and finally pick up The Case for the Resurrection. You will be amazed at what you find and I promise you that your faith in the truth of scripture will be bolstered as you read these books.

Here’s a warning. Be careful. Apologetic studies can be habit forming but one thing is certain. After a little study, you will certainly be able to clearly explain your Christian hope.

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