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Here’s What One Man Did With God’s Answer

One of my favorite musicians is a man by the name of Andrae Crouch. If you are familiar with Christian music, you will know many of the songs he has written. Several of his songs you can find in church hymnals today. Andrae Crouch wrote songs such as:

  • The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power
  • My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)
  • Bless His Holy Name
  • Jesus Is The Answer

Andrae has had a remarkable career writing gospel music and performing all over the world. He appeared in numerous television shows and performed at the Hollywood bowl and Carnegie Hall. He has received nine Grammy Awards and four Dove Awards. Many folks today believe that Andrae Crouch and the Disciples (his back up group) helped launch the Christian contemporary music styles of many music artists today.

When Andrae Crouch was fifteen years old, he asked God to give him his first song. About one hour later, Andrae finished writing a song but threw it into the trash. He just didn’t think it was any good. Andrae’s sister, Sandra, found the song in the trash. She went to Andrae and told him she thought the song was really good and asked him not to throw it away. I’m glad Andrae listened to her. The song he put in the trash was, The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power. That song went on to touch the lives of many folks around the world and has been published in thirteen different church music hymnals.


So why is all this so important? Here’s why. Andrae asked God to give him a song to touch the lives of others. Within one hour, God answered Andrae’s prayer. But what did Andrae do with that answer? He threw it away.

How many times have you asked God to supply you with an answer? How many times has God given you an answer but you didn’t think it was the right one and you simply threw it away? When you pray and ask God to meet a need, are you really seeking God’s answer or are you really just hoping that God confirms what you believe the correct answer should be?

As you ask God to meet your needs, remember that He is the one with the answers, not us. God’s answers and directions may not be what you were expecting. Like Andrae, you might not like God’s answer. But don’t throw God’s answer in the trash. Andrae Crouch impacted the world because he realized the mistake he made by not recognizing an answered prayer. Andrae’s ultimate obedience launched a career that impacted the world for Christ. Don’t miss what God has for you because you threw God’s answer into the trash.


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