Tired of Lies? You Can Find Truth Here.

More and more I find myself thinking about Truth…Truth in the form of promises. Truth that really is just that…something you can always count on. In our culture today we seldom see a promise actually kept. People hedge their words with phrases such as I’ll try, not I will. Even when fixing problems some folks say that should work rather than that will work. People break social commitments when they have a better offer from someone else or another party just seems like more fun. It’s just hard to get people to keep their promises.

This past week I was driving through Florida and an interesting sign caught my attention. Here’s what the sign said, Uncontested divorce just $199. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of those seeking an uncontested divorce had started their marriage with a promise to God and to each other to stay together until separated by death. Now for $199 the promise is dissolved.

I recently watched a father try to get his one-year-old son to come back to him. The energetic boy had run off to play and the father wanted him to return. This dad pretended to have candy in his hand and held his hand out to the boy asking him if he wanted some candy. The boy ran back to his dad. The dad opened his hand showing the little boy no candy and said, Son, candy will be the death of you and just laughed. So now we teach kids to get what you want through deception and lying.

I think back to promises in the Bible and begin to understand why many folks just can’t believe these promises. They have come from a world where Truth is difficult to find. Promises don’t have meaning. Deception and trickery are common. May I remind you that there are absolute Truths that God has revealed in the Bible? These promises of God are always true.

Don’t let a world of false promises keep you from believing in the Truths of God. Promises of an earthly existence don’t in any way correspond to the promises of an eternal God. Do you want to know what some of these absolute Truths are? Go pick up your bible and start reading. You won’t find $199 uncontested divorces there. You won’t find a God who manipulates there. Instead you will find Truths that you can count on all the time. Not just things that should work in your life but rather you will find Truths that will work in your life if you choose to follow God. There is no hedging when it comes to Biblical Truth.

So get your Bible and start discovering absolute Truth and stop relying on the promises of the world. Like the little boy, if you follow promises of the world, you will only be running after candy that doesn’t exist.





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