What Did Pilate Really Know About Jesus? This May Surprise you.

As we leave Holy Week and look back upon the meaning of Easter, let’s not leave it in the past and forget it too quickly. To many in the world, Easter is simply another holiday. Many attend church on Easter but don’t fully comprehend the importance of Easter to the very foundation of our Christian faith.

The Barna Group, which conducts a variety of Christian-based research, discovered this in their surveys about Easter. Here is what they said:

While a majority of Americans indicated some type of spiritual connection with Easter, the research also showed that a minority of adults directly linked Easter to the Christian faith’s belief in the resurrection of Christ. In all, 42% of Americans said that the meaning of Easter was the resurrection of Jesus or that it signifies Christ’s death and return to life. One out of every 50 adults (2%) said that they would describe Easter as the most important holiday of their faith.

What about you? Do you believe that Jesus was who He said He was? There is a very telling portion of scripture in the book of John, chapter 19. At this point in scripture, Jesus was to be crucified and Pilate had ordered a sign be placed on the cross that read, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. If we begin reading in verse 21 we find this:

Then the leading priests objected and said to Pilate, Change it from ‘The King of the Jews’ to ‘He said, I am King of the Jews.’

Now listen to Pilate’s reply. Pilate said, No, what I have written, I have written. Let’s think about this for a moment. Pilate is the Roman ruler who has appeased the Jews by allowing the killing of Jesus but yet he won’t change the sign on the cross? That is very telling. It seems that Pilate knew something the rest of us should clearly know…Jesus is the King of the Jews. Jesus is who He said He is.

In Peter, chapter 2, we read this, He (Jesus) personally carried our sins in His body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By His wounds you are healed.

If you don’t know Jesus, I invite you to meet Him today. By His wounds your sins are forgiven and by His wounds your broken life can be healed. The crucifixion was only the beginning of the story. The story ends with a miraculous resurrection…a God who lives. A God not impacted by the power of the grave. If the crucifixion were the end of the story there would be nothing to celebrate…there would be no point to Easter. But we do have a reason to celebrate Easter and this God can be the leader of your life if you simply allow Him to lead.

So now the choice is yours. Try to live on your own with no hope for eternity or live with the King who will bring you joy that you cannot imagine. I think Pilate knew who Jesus was and I suspect you do to. Change your life and live for the King today.





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