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So You Goofed? Here Are Three Ways To Move On.

When is the last time you made a really big mistake?  A week ago?  Maybe this morning? When you first realized what you did what was your first reaction?  Did you try to cover it up or maybe blame someone else?  Very few people really goof in a big way and say, you know what?  I did that.  Well, here are a few ways to recover from your next big mistake (by the way…it’s coming) and get on the right track again after making a mess of something.

Say “I’m Sorry”: If you messed up just admit it.  Don’t make excuses and don’t blame someone else.  You did it.  Take responsibility and say two simple words to others you may have involved in the mess.  What are the words?  How about “I’m sorry”.  Those two words have tremendous power because they show you take the responsibility for what happened.

Learn From Your Mistake: Dr. John Maxwell, a well-known author on leadership issues, wrote an interesting book called Failing Forward. In his book Maxwell says that when you make a big mistake that knocks you to the floor, spend some time down there.  In other words, think about the lessons from this mistake and learn not to do it again. Clean up any mess you made while you’re knocked to the floor and then get up. So you cleaned up the mess what next?

Get Over It: OK…so you goofed.  We all do.  Don’t hang onto a big mistake and become discouraged or lose your confidence.  Don’t create great drama around this situation that engulfs your friends.  You will only further alienate yourself.  Get moving and keep moving.  There are other jobs God has for you to accomplish.  Living and dwelling in the past is a lonely life.

So…say I’m sorry, learn from your mistake, and get over it.  I would much rather live for the exciting plan God has in store for me than dwell over any big mistake that is simply a part of being human.

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