You Won’t Believe What These College Students Want To Do To Gun Owners!


Sometimes I just wonder about people.  Today was one of those days.  I was watching a video by Mark Dice.  I really enjoy his videos because he has a unique way of documenting folks who have just given up on common sense. Folks that operate like robots and do whatever they are told…often with chilling results.

Recently Mark went to a college campus and pretended to be getting signatures on a petition to remove the second amendment.  The purpose of my discussion with you today is not to argue for or against the second amendment but rather to talk with you about some college students who need to develop some critical thinking skills.

In this video Mark stops students on campus and attempts to get them to sign his fake petition. As Mark is talking with students he says things like this to them as they consider signing (the words in italics are quotes):

  • We need to disarm the citizens.
  • We can trust the government to be the only ones with guns.
  • These peasants don’t need guns.
  • We will be terminating and executing all the gun owners.
  • Let’s shoot them (the gun owners) and feed them some of their own lead.

With all of these wild statements, these college students just sign their name to the petition rarely asking any questions…happy to sign their name to a petition to kill those who own guns.

What are we teaching students today? I’m afraid many colleges aren’t teaching nearly enough critical thinking skills.  We are preparing a generation of followers, not leaders.  We are preparing a generation of students who have amassed facts but developed no wisdom.  We are declaring common sense dead and allowing it to rest in peace.

All colleges are not created equal.  Thoroughly evaluate any college before you decide to invest your time and finances.  Life isn’t just about gaining knowledge.  Life is not simply about academics.  Life is also about gaining wisdom to properly evaluate alternatives in life.

Don’t let anyone you know attend any college that doesn’t value critical thinking and the development of wisdom. Choose your college wisely.

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