I Have a Tip For You


This week my son, Josh, and I were talking about a news story that has some implications for each of us.  When Aaron Collins died in 2012, he made a final wish.  Aaron’s wish was that his family eat at one restaurant and leave the waiter or waitress a five hundred dollar tip.  The family took Aaron’s request seriously and now travels across the country providing five hundred dollar tips to waiters and waitresses all over the United States.  Through continued donations, the Collins family has now given five hundred dollar tips to ninety-two people since Aaron’s death.

As we begin a new year, we are always bombarded with messages asking us to reflect on the past year. While I suppose there is some merit in doing so, perhaps like Aaron, we should take the next step and actually do something tangible.  Rather than a simple time of reflection about 2013, may I suggest that we start 2014 by identifying and thanking those people who have helped us along our path.

This week let me challenge you to identify some people who have made a significant difference in your life. Call them and thank them for their investment in you.  Write a letter and thank them. Take them to lunch or invite them to your house for dinner.  Let these special folks realize the difference they made in your life. Start the New Year with an attitude of thankfulness.

Aaron’s simple desire to give one person a five hundred dollar tip blossomed into total gifts of about $46,000 and ninety-two people impacted directly by one young man who simply wanted his family to thank one person for their work.

Like Aaron, you never know how a simple thank you can blossom and turn into a remarkable gift, not just for those you thank, but also for you.

One thought on “I Have a Tip For You

  1. Agreed. While taking time to reflect is important, it must also lead to action. Great post Dr. Bob

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