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Please Stop and Ask For Directions…

This week I went to eat at a restaurant out of town.  When I left the restaurant I was certain I knew the way home.  After all, I’m a geographic professional so I looked at my unused GPS and turned my car out of the parking lot.  But late at night, after driving far too long on winding country roads, I realized that I had turned the wrong way out of the restaurant parking lot.  Even though I was certain I knew my way home I didn’t even make the correct turn out of the parking lot.

Almost daily folks who are positive about their spiritual direction in life confront me.  Some folks are positive there are no absolute truths in this world.  In a recent conversation someone displayed their lack of critical thinking when they told me they did not believe any absolute truth existed.  When I asked them if they were sure they replied “absolutely!”  Yes, you read that correctly, these folks were absolutely sure that absolute truth did not exist.

Yet, absolute truth exists all around us.  There are absolute truths in mathematics, music, science, and the list could go on.  If we didn’t believe that these truths existed, why would we spend our time and money to study at colleges and universities?  Our very diplomas signify that we have mastered a variety of absolute truths.

When it comes to issues of spirituality, suddenly the rules change.  Our compartmentalized worldview can accept absolute truths in math and science but when it comes to God we question how truth can possibly exist.  I hear folks frequently question the existence of the God of the Bible, yet I see few, if any, of these folks truly seeking evidence. You see, when it comes to God and absolute truth, the discussions generally revolve around heated opinions. We seldom bring discussions centered on opinions to reasonable conclusions.  Could you imagine courtrooms that simply accepted everyone’s opinion?

So today, I challenge both believers in Christ and non-believers. What evidence would it take to convince you of the existence of the God of the Bible? Begin gathering your evidence. For believers in Christ, it is important to have an answer for your beliefs and the evidence you collect is critical.  I hear many folks say they believe in God because the Bible commands it.  However, what evidence supports the Bible? If you were talking to a non-believer about the Bible, what historical, archeological, or physical evidence would you provide as proof of Biblical truths?

For non-believers you just might be surprised where the evidence takes you. Instead of simply giving an opinion on Biblical and spiritual issues start compiling the evidence for yourself.

Are you looking for a few books to get started?  Try some of these:

The Case for Christ by Lee Stroebel

Is the Bible True…Really? by Josh McDowell

Cold Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospel by J. Warner Wallace.

Remember, you may truly believe you know your way home when it comes to spiritual issues but you may be merrily driving down wrong road.

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