There are folks who constantly talk about the separation of church and State, and oppose prayer in our country.  There are those who maintain that the United States was not founded on Christian principles and was never intended to be a Christian nation.  Historian John Fea said this, The idea that the United States is a Christian nation has always been central to American identity. He said if the United States was not founded on the Christian religion than someone forgot to tell the American people.

 As you think about prayer and the history of our country, remember that many of our most popular United States presidents supported prayer and a Biblical worldview.

Abraham Lincoln said this, It is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, and to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow.

 Ulysses S. Grant, said, Hold fast to the Bible as the sheet-anchor of your liberties; write its precepts in your hearts and practice them in your lives.

 Theodore Roosevelt had this to say about Biblical worldview and prayer:

Truth and righteousness are of no value to the world until they are embodied in a personality. And there is only one Source of Truth and Righteousness. Except as they flow from the Almighty God Himself, they do not exist.

Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the nation to join him in prayer on D-Day.

Dwight D. Eisenhower stopped for prayer during his 1953 presidential inauguration.

Ronald Reagan said this about prayer, We must also seek help from God…our Father and preserver… the morality and values such faith implies are deeply imbedded in our national character.

This week we stop our activities and celebrate the national day of prayer. If you hear folks say prayer is not a part of our country or even that our country has not been founded on Biblical principles, remind them to check their history.  Even remind them what historian John Fea said…that if the United States was not founded on the Christian religion than someone forgot to tell the American people.  

 If our country was not founded on Christian principles and prayer is not an important element of those principles, I think they also forgot to tell our presidents.

One thought on “Prayer…Really?

  1. Dear Dr. Bob: Thanks for calling attention to my work. You may be interested in my larger work, *Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction*. It offers a more complex and nuanced picture of the role of religion in the American founding than you offer in this post. I often speak at college and universities and would love to come to Toccoa Falls to do a lecture or seminar on the book. I actually played a basketball game on your campus back in January 1988. You can learn more about my work and speaking at

    Thanks again for the post and blessings on your ministry at Toccoa Falls.

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