A Special Thank You

While following the events in Boston and West, Texas this week, I realized again that there are folks in this world that we need to simply thank for what they do.  As I watched the events of the week unfold from the safety of my home, I recognized that there are folks who are actually involved in the tragedies.  Folks working long hours to keep us safe.  As I watched firefighters, emergency medical workers, and police officers lose their lives this week I was thankful for those who are willing to give their lives for me.

When I think of our public safety workers I am reminded of John 15:13.  Here we read, There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.  I think of twenty-six year old police officer Sean Collier who was shot and killed in Boston this week. I think of fifty-two year old firefighter Kenny David, (father of three) who died fighting the fire in West, Texas this week.  At least ten of the dead in this explosion in Texas were first responders.

Our public safety folks knew when they pinned on their badge that one day they might need to give their life to save another.  Yet, that has never stopped them from doing their job when any of us call.  When most people would run away from a bad situation these folks are running toward it. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.

This week when you see a police officer don’t first check your speedometer.  Instead, take a moment and pray for them.  When you see firefighters or emergency medical workers pray for them.  If you have an opportunity to talk with our public safety folks take a minute and thank them for what they do.  Their jobs are not easy…working at all hours and in all weather, working on holidays, family birthdays and anniversaries and frequently dealing with folks who aren’t always in the happiest frame of mind.

But when we need them they always come, putting their lives at risk and their talents to work.  Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical professionals….thank you for making a difference in our lives!

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