Tough Choice…How Do I Decide?

Do you ever wonder how to know God’s will for your life when you are faced with decisions…especially changing jobs?  I think most of us deal with this.  I certainly can’t speak to what God’s plan is for your life but let me give you a few thoughts to consider when faced with tough job decisions.  I have found these three considerations helpful throughout my life when I have searched for God’s direction concerning employment.

First, is the job change you are considering scriptural? Does the Bible support the decision you are considering?  If you are considering something that the Bible clearly warns against, stay away from it.

Second, do you have the skills for the new job you are considering and does the idea of the new job really excite you?  I realize you won’t have all the skills necessary for a new position (and frankly you shouldn’t) but are you wired to do the type of work you are considering?  If you are wired to be a visionary person and the job you are considering has you doing detailed work every day it might not be the right fit.

Third, do you need to force things to make the job happen?  I have seen so many folks try to manipulate or force situations to get into a particular job.  I think of one person I know who has tried to get a particular type of position for fifteen years, forcing her way through every possible opportunity.  It still hasn’t happened and she is simply frustrated and has probably missed out on other wonderful job opportunities throughout the fifteen years.  Don’t be afraid to take your hands off and let God open the doors.

I look for all three of these criteria to line up.  I look for three green lights.  If everything lines up, I start to walk through the doors.  Remember, doors can close, but these three standards have always helped me determine if I should start walking through the open doors.

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