Don’t Touch That Sign

I recently heard Dr. Tony Evans tell the story of a young man and wife who were injured in a car accident.  The wife was injured severely and as the husband started looking around for help, he spotted a sign at the end of a nearby driveway that read, “Dr. William Smith”.  The young husband carried his wife, who was now severely bleeding, to the front door of the doctor’s house and knocked on the door.  An older man answered the door and the husband said, “My wife is hurt very badly.  You need to help her.”  The doctor looked at the young couple and said, “I’m sorry.  I don’t practice medicine anymore.”  The young man replied, “You either need to treat my wife or take down your sign.”

As Christians we are living in a world that is bleeding badly having been severely injured by sin.  I can’t remember a time in my lifetime that we have had so many secular worldviews, people trying to redefine the Biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman, economics of our country turned upside down, and a world just suffering from the anxiety that comes from simply not knowing and following God.

It’s time as followers of Christ that we start practicing the teachings of Christ or take down our sign.  It’s time for Christians to be Christians.  It’s time to speak into our culture and talk about world views that are not Biblical.  We can’t sit back and simply wait for someone else to do it.  Time is short and if we don’t speak out for Biblical truth, we will certainly miss the wonderful opportunity we have been given.

So…what will you do?  Be a Christian or take down your sign? I hope you decide to reinforce your sign and move full speed ahead for Jesus Christ and Biblical truth.

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