Bite Your Tongue

With all that has been in the news recently about gun control, I began to think about a weapon we all possess that has done tremendous damage to others.  This weapon has cut deeply into the spirits of others, has severed relationships, has left people devastated and in tears, has fired numerous shots, and can be re-loaded in an instant.  What is the weapon?  The weapon is your tongue.

The Book of James says many things about the tongue.  In chapter three we read this, But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire. And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire…

Have you ever had your tongue set your life on fire?  Have you ever said something and the moment you said it just wished you could take it back? Maybe it was something you said to your spouse this morning.  As soon as you said it you could see the look of hurt in their eyes.  Perhaps you said something cutting or hurtful to your child and saw a tear start to form.  Maybe you made a careless remark to a co-worker years ago and now you are enemies seeking to cause trouble for each other. Once you say something you can never get it back.  You may ask for forgiveness but the damage is already done.

As you go through this week remember that you possess a weapon that can truly set your life on fire as well as the lives of others.  As you continue to seek and develop the character of Christ, don’t let your tongue get in the way of your example to others.  When someone upsets you stop, take a breath, and think about your response before you engage your weapon.  Refuse to simply fire randomly.  Allow the Holy Spirit to help you perfect a Godly aim.

You can use your tongue to build up others, diffuse tense situations, develop wonderful relationships, and demonstrate the love and power found in Christ.  So use your tongue to snuff the fires going on in the lives of others and refuse to allow your tongue to be the match that starts fires in those around you.

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