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What Would You Like For Christmas?

Christmas is quickly approaching and everywhere we turn we are bombarded with advertisements encouraging us to buy just the perfect gifts for our family and friends.  This is a big time of year for companies to encourage all of us to spend our money and buy things. But is it possible that as followers of Christ we already possess one of the best gifts that we can give to others?

Last week I was in the Atlanta airport checking in for a flight.  I started talking with the woman checking in my bag at the counter.  I always like to take a little time and ask people how they are doing.  Most people will immediately say they are doing fine, but I always like to probe a little deeper.  As I asked this woman how she was really doing she began to disclose a lot more.  She had a headache from high blood pressure.  She had forgotten to take her medication the day before.  She was tired and really looking forward to just getting home.  We had quite a conversation that day.

You see we have a wonderful gift that we can pass on to others.  We possess the gift of Christ’s love.  What do we read in Matthew 19?  Love your neighbor as yourself.  There are many people who just need to see the love of Christ in us…to just know that we care about them and therefore Christ cares about them.  We can easily pass the gift of love on to others.  God freely gave us this miraculous gift and commanded us to pass it on…free of charge…to our neighbors.

So in this busy holiday time as you are in the stores doing your shopping, don’t forget there are tired, worn out folks who just need to see the love of Christ in us.  Take a little time and spend it with someone you don’t even know.  Get to know them a bit.  Talk with them.  Listen to them. Laugh with them.  Show them the tremendous love of God.  It’s one of the best gifts you can give this year and it just might lighten the burden for someone who needs some relief so badly.  The love of God is a gift folks will gladly receive and never forget.

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