Relax! I’ll Drive.

Do you remember the last time you were enjoying a peaceful drive and you suddenly realized someone was tailgating you?  What was your reaction?  Did you increase your speed? Did you slow down? Maybe you pulled over and let them pass you.  Did you get angry or become nervous? Did you keep looking in your rearview mirror to keep an eye on them?  Whatever you did, I suspect that you began to let the tailgater drive for you.  You have probably been driving for years, you clearly know how to drive, and yet you found yourself in a position where you allowed someone else to dictate how you drive.

Let’s talk about our lives.  We clearly know how God has commanded us to live.  Yet, at times, I bet you find your life being driven by something or someone else.  Rather than following biblical principles, you find yourself accelerating and not waiting for God’s direction, slowing down and missing opportunities, pulling over and giving up, or looking in your rearview mirror and letting your past haunt you. You are letting someone else drive your life.

I can’t help but think of the story of Noah. God told him to build a boat for an upcoming flood.  However, it had never rained before.  Floods just didn’t happen in Noah’s time.  Yet, Noah spent years building the boat that God had commanded him to build.  I’m sure that neighbors laughed at Noah and made his life tough. They wanted to exert pressure to make him stop following God. You see, they wanted to drive for Noah.  However, Noah was a man that followed God with his entire heart, and would never let others drive for him.

So, next time you experience a tailgater, rather than focusing on them, take some time to make sure you are following God’s direction in your life and not allowing others to drive your spiritual car.

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