The Power of Remembering Your Past

We all have favorite memories of special times in our lives that we often play back in our minds.  We remember people who made a difference in our lives, our high school and college days, favorite teachers, great vacations, our wedding day, heart-warming moments with our kids, and the list goes on.  We often collect items to remind us of these memories…a special Christmas ornament, an old letter from someone we loved, a favorite card, a shell from a beach vacation.  We have a house full of items that are linked to wonderful memories.

What symbols are most meaningful to you?  A wedding band? A favorite picture? An old bible? One of your grown children’s old stuffed animals?  An old ticket stub from a special date?  These items are so special that you only need to look at them and you are transported back in time to re-live that special time again.  Symbols are important and we need to recognize their significance.

What symbols do you have to mark the times God specially touched your life? Look in the bible at the book of Joshua.  In chapter 4, God realized the importance of human memory and its relationship to the works of God.  Joshua clearly understood the importance of symbols to remember God’s touch in his life.  He erected a stone memorial to honor one of God’s miracles for the people of Israel so they would never forget what God did for them.

We all know that life has difficult times and that we need to have faith that God will provide. However, sometimes it is really tough to live by faith.  To strengthen our faith, we sometimes need to take a look in our rear view mirror and remember what God did in our lives.  Our memories reinforce the power of God and help us remember what God will do in our future.

Memories fade and we all need to keep symbols that remind us of God’s faithfulness.  Keep a journal, collect something special that reminds you of a difficult time and remember that God intervened and took care of you.  Protect these simple memorials and when you are facing a difficult time pull them out and look at them.  Read the journal where you can again remember the many times God has provided for you.  Take out those special memorials you collected, hold them in your hands and remember the power of God.

Don’t forget to look in your past to remember the power of God for your future.

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