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Kindness Matters

I was reading a sign the other day that had a very simple message.  Here it is…”kindness matters”. What could be simpler?  Yet we live in a world where many folks are self absorbed.  The world revolves around them and there just isn’t time for anyone else.

I was traveling recently and noticed a couple who appeared to be in their eighties.  They were enjoying dinner in a restaurant a few tables over from me. A man who had been eating at another table walked over to this older couple’s table and simply asked how long they had been married.  It turned out the older couple had been married over sixty years.  The older man was a veteran and told the other man of battles he had been in and how he loves America.  The entire conversation took about five minutes.  The younger man told the couple how much he appreciated the older man’s service to our country and the fact that he and his wife had stayed married through good times and bad and clearly loved each other.

Then the younger man did something really special.  He took the bill for the older couple’s dinner and told them dinner was on him.  The older couple looked shocked and I could clearly see tears start to well up in the older man’s eyes.  The younger man shook their hands and was off.  I never heard any of them exchange names and I’m certain they will never see each other again.

When is the last time you went out on a limb and put your Christian beliefs into practice expecting nothing in return?  The book of Proverbs in chapter three tells us, “Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart.”

So follow the advice of Proverbs and that simple sign I talked about at the beginning of our time together. Kindness matters…never let it leave you.  But don’t forget, it’s not enough to believe that.  Take some time and put it into action whenever you can. Look for opportunities.  They are all around us.

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