I Am In Control

Do you ever have days when you feel as though everything is spinning out of control?  Just that very thought implies that you actually believe you control your days.  Could it be that we often forget who leads us through each day?

I think it is very common for those who tend to be driven and goal oriented to fall into the trap of believing that we can force things to happen.  If we push hard enough we can make events occur.  We believe that we control our days, our careers, and even our futures.  We have the latest software calendars, to do lists, project management software, strategic plans, and we read the latest books on organizing and managing our lives, families, and co-workers.

Maybe we need to just stop and take a breath and reflect on what scripture tells us.   In Proverbs, Chapter 16, verse 9 we read, “We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps.”

I believe a great partner verse to this is found in Psalms, Chapter 46, verse 10. Here we read, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Be still…now there is something to think about.  My days are filled with endless pinging…the indication of new email arriving, text messages, Facebook notifications, cell phone ringing. How do I ever hear God directing my steps?  It’s that verse in Psalms…reminding me to sit down, calm down, relax, and “be still”.  Then I can begin to hear God speaking to me.

So…if God is in control, how can your life be out of control?  If you have turned your life over to Christ, it is impossible for your life to be out of control.  Turn your life over to God, listen to His direction, and relax.  God has determined your steps.

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