What Is Your Life Story?

I was talking this week with the chief financial officer of a bank in Atlanta.  As we were comparing some leadership challenges, she used a phrase that really caught my attention. She started to talk about what her “life story” would be…what her family, employees, and friends would say about her character and actions when her life comes to an end. “Life story”…those two words really do capture a remarkable concept.

You see, your life story is just that…a story of your entire life.  It doesn’t simply capture a particularly good moment in your life nor does it capture a single difficult time in your life.  Your life story encompasses your entire life…from birth to death.

You may have had a difficult start to your life. Perhaps you have engaged in activities or actions that today you regret. Perhaps you are saddened by the way you treated friends or family.  Perhaps you are living a secret, sinful life completely opposite from the life you are portraying to those around you.  You see, as long as you are alive your life story continues to develop.  It’s not too late to have a happy ending to your story. It’s not too late to create a “best seller”.

As we think about our own life story, it is easy to get caught up in expectations of the world.  Working eighty-hour weeks for more money while ignoring our families, forgetting biblical principles when we make decisions, not taking time each day to listen to God’s prompting, forgetting the importance of being a part of the local church, omitting bible reading from your life, and the list could go on.

The bible clearly gives us warning about our life story.  In Mark, Chapter 8, we are cautioned, “…what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul.” God was clearly talking to each of us about the importance of our life story.  Is your life in a mess?  Does your life story need some work?  It’s never too late. Stop what you’re doing right now and ask God to give you a new life story.  You might need to make some changes in your life but when it’s all said and done I am confident you want a “best seller” for others to read and a life that is richly blessed by God.

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