Are You An Energy Leak or an Energy Boost?

Have you ever found yourself more interested in winning the argument than making the right decision?  At one point in my life I worked with a man who simply had to win any and all discussions.  All issues became battles of logic rather than seeking Godly wisdom to select the best course of action to resolve the issues. At the end of most encounters with him I felt the energy in me drain away. I wasn’t energized and excited by my encounters with him. Instead I was tired and worn down.

We all know how disheartening and non-productive it is to engage folks who are simply impressed with their own wisdom.  We live in a world full of folks who always demand something from you, very vocally give their opinions when nobody asked, continually tell you about themselves and the wonderful things they are doing, and the list could go on and on.

Laurie Beth Jones in her book titled Jesus, CEO called people like this “energy leaks”. You know the people I am talking about. When you see them in a store you quickly walk down another isle. When you see them on the street you quickly cross to the other side. When you see them in the parking lot you take your spouse by the hand and lead them quickly to your car as you start to feel the energy being pulled right out of your body.

God has not called us to be “energy leaks”.  In fact, Proverbs 3:7 tells us, “Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead fear the Lord…”

So…as followers of Christ let’s exhibit Godly wisdom to others. When Christ talked about being “light and salt” he was speaking about building the lives of others…leaving others stronger, happier, joyful, and energized after seeing and encountering the power of God in us.

So which are you today…energy leak or Godly energy source?  I hope you will seek to become an energy source that others want to be around and follow because they see something special in you.  We know that “special” something they see in you is the amazing power of God working in a Christian life!

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