Take Time To Invest In Others

ImageI was thinking today about the many people who have had a tremendous impact on my life.  My life is richer, fuller, more focused, and more enjoyable because of others.

As a young man, our church had a youth pastor by the name of Michael Trotta who taught me the importance of perseverance.  In those days bus ministries were the focus of many churches.  Our church had a number of buses we used to take folks to church.  Like many churches, we operated on a shoestring budget and the buses were very old.  Fortunately for the church, Mike was also a mechanic.  I remember freezing Pennsylvania winters when this pastor was in his overalls, hands numb, repairing these buses so they would be ready for Sunday.  This guy would just not give up.  While others were in warm offices, Mike was on his back, under the buses, scraping his cold knuckles on metal parts, and using unbelievably meager resources to keep these buses moving. What he didn’t realize is that while he was fixing the buses I was watching his every move. You see, while Mike was fixing buses he was also fixing me for the future.  As an impressionable young man, I didn’t miss his demonstration of perseverance.

Fast-forward almost forty years. I think about another friend who influenced my life. For six years I had the pleasure of working with a dear friend, Dr. Everett Piper.  Everett is a remarkable leader.  He has a passion for mission…specifically Christ, scripture, truth, and wisdom.  Everett worked with his university faculty to develop these four concepts in great detail.  Everett helped instill in me many of these same passions. In fact, at Toccoa Falls College we are continuing to explore and pursue some of Everett’s ideas.  I encourage you to read some of his writing.  You will find insightful and focused conservative Christian ideas. I am thankful that Everett invested his life in me and allowed me to further some of his thoughts.

So take some time to invest in others.  As Proverbs tells us, “Iron sharpens iron”. Help sharpen the life of someone else.  The investment will pay off for both of you.

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