Feel Like a Failure?

Forbes Magazine recently published an article titled “Ten Reasons Why We Fail”. Although many of these ten reasons were quite interesting, one of the ten really intrigued me.  Here it is:

People fail in their lives because others have convinced them of their “station in life”. Let me say it again, we fail because others have convinced us that we can’t be more than we have already become.  Others have successfully convinced us that we will fail if we try something harder.  We would fail if we tried to become better fathers, mothers, children, employees, leaders, friends, or teachers.

This “station in life” concept is often thrust upon us by other people. They convince us that we are what we are and we just better live with it because we can never change.

John Maxwell, a prolific author on leadership, has a much more realistic approach to failure in his book Failing Forward.  Maxwell maintains there is one major difference between average people and those who achieve great things. The difference is how the achievers respond to failure.

So if you have been convinced that you are to stay in your station of life, that to move forward would result in failure, I challenge you to listen to the words of Maxwell and say good-bye to the failures of yesterday.  When you can let go and change yourself you change your world.

As Christ tells us in the book of Proverbs, “Remove the impurities from silver and the sterling will be ready for the silversmith”.

Let Christ remove your impurities through failure and learn from the experience. Strive to become sterling silver. Don’t let failure from the outside get you on the inside.

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