Hitting Your Head On the Cross

This past Sunday our church service had ended and I was on the platform shutting down some of the electronics.  I bent down to work on something and when I stood up I smashed my head on something.  You know that moment when you suddenly realize you hit something and it is really going to hurt? My head started bleeding a bit and I was really getting aggravated.

My first thought was who hung something in a place like this.  They certainly weren’t thinking very clearly. My goodness…what poor planning.  Then I turned and looked and realized I had hit my head on a large wooden cross that was suspended above the platform.

All of a sudden it really did hit me.  Perhaps I spend too much time thinking about what fits me…what is convenient for me. Maybe I need to think more about what Christ has done for me.  Here I am complaining about hitting my head on a cross when Christ gave his very life on the cross for me.  I had a headache but Christ had a crown of thorns pressed into His head.  As my hand reached up to rub my sore head I remembered that Christ had nails pounded through His hands. As I was complaining about a bump on the head, Christ endured beatings, crucifixion, and death…and He did it for me.

I am thankful for the bump on the head to remind me what Christ did for me and how much He really loves me.  In the darkness of the church sanctuary, with nobody around, I had a chance to worship God and remember His sacrifice for me.

To the person who hung that cross in the church sanctuary…thank you.  To my Lord and Savior…I can never thank you enough.

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