3 thoughts on “Gatlinburg, TN

  1. Well I sure feel old enough.

    We started young. I married my wife when she was only 18 and she had our first child a year and a half later when she was 19. Our two oldest graduated from Clearwater Christian College in 1997. Then they were transferred to SC with Publix.

    My youngest, Debra, got her PharmD when she was 23 from Nova University in Davie, FL. My third child, Tim, is a firefighter/Paramedic in Florida. I now own a small business which went from $5k per month to $500 per month. My HCPD pension is not covering my expenses.

    Please pray that either my business will come back or I can find another job.



  2. Bob,

    We have never been to that section of the country but it sure looks fun. I think we’ll try to get there one day.

    By the Way, our youngest daughter is due next week with our 6th grandchild and our oldest daughter, Tracy, is due with a boy in March.

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