OKWU Running Challenge

OKWU student running challenge!!!  OK…this challenge is for OKWU traditional undergraduate students and anyone who has applied or is applying for admission to Oklahoma Wesleyan University in February.

I am challenging you to a running mileage contest for the month of February.  If you beat the miles I run during the month, you and a date come over for a BIG meal at my house.  If you lose, you take me to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  The cafeteria does not count!

You will be able to write about your month of running on my blog at robertmmyers.wordpress.com.  I will also blog about my running during the month.

This is for real runners…no treadmill runners.  All your miles must be logged outside not on any equipment or indoors on any track.

It would be a shame if an old, beat up, university administrator took you to the woodshed on this one 🙂  By the way…my mileage this month is 120.

I’ll take on all challengers.  The top mileage runner that beats me wins.  Any takers???

8 thoughts on “OKWU Running Challenge

  1. Bob – I will take your challenge. I average 35 miles per week just ran a 5 miler in 33:33. Have a 1/2 marathon in 6 weeks on a very diificult hilly course, ran 1:40 last year. Hope to hear from you. Your old cousin Jeff

  2. Haha this is good incentive for me to keep my miles up. I ran four miles this morning with another 7 coming up this afternoon.

  3. Steve…thanks for the note. There is that old rabbit and hare story. I hope James knows that one 🙂 It would be hard to live with if an old guy like me whipped him…

  4. James, looks to me like Mr. Myers is going to have to ramp up the miles considerably or you will be enjoying the BIG meal at his place…I’ll have to be sure and watch the updates here…

    Mr. Myers, my wife and I used to run with James’s parents, Jim & Susan a few years back…don’t let this young man beat ya in Feb…ran into your challenge from a note @marciapiper put on twitter…blessings!!

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