Book Review: Real Church

Real Church

I use the four-point scale below for book reviews.  Have fun with the review.

1            Find something else to read.

2            If you really can’t find anything else to do read this book.

3            This book is worth your time to read.

4            This book could change your life.

I started this book excited about what Larry Crabb would have to say about church.  There is so much in the media today about church types and many regular church attenders are trying to decide the type of church they want to attend.  I wasn’t disappointed with this book…Crabb did a great job.

Crabb does a fine job of outlining what a church should not be.  He takes you through the journey detailing the many outreaches churches do that social organizations also do.  So, he asks, what makes a church different from many social organizations and why are so many church services today just plain boring?

Crabb also takes some time to talk about the philosophy behind the emergent church and some of the inherent dangers with this type of thinking.  Crabb tells it straight and discusses many of the problems with today’s traditional church as well as some of the new church philosophies springing up today.  Using scripture, Crabb supports his thoughts on what today’s church should look like.

So, what kind of church would Crabb like to attend?  He lays it out.  Crabb clearly develops the requirements he believes are critical for a biblical church.  By the time he is done, he paints a clear picture of the type of church the bible describes and clearly the kind of church many Christians would love to attend.

Larry Crabb does an outstanding job with this book.  I suspect he will take some heat from many people who will not appreciate the fact that he even questions the church today.  Read the book.  It’s good for your head.  You might even help your church.  I rate it a 4.

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