She Still Calls Me Daddy

Here’s my latest book review for Thomas Nelson Publishing.


I rate my books on the four point scale below.  Enjoy the review.

1            Find something else to read.

2            If you really can’t find anything else to do read this book.

3            This book is worth your time to read.

4            This book could change your life.

I went into this book thinking this might be a sentimental, mushy book without much depth.  I was wrong.

This is a remarkable book about a dad realizing life would dramatically change for his entire family when his daughter said, “I do.”  The most remarkable part of this book is the author realized something many of us never do – that life doesn’t revolve around him.  Once he gives his daughter’s hand in marriage, his job becomes that of supporting his daughter’s marriage and doing all he can to make it strong.  In spite of some sadness with the good-bye, life is now about our daughters…not us.

I get his feeling as all this unfolds.  The author paralleled his walking down the aisle with his daughter as walking the plank…even being at a funeral.  Ok…so most of us would say he is nuts.  How can one of the most joyous times in your life be equated to this?  As I look at my daughter and know that someday I will be “giving her away”, I get that funeral feeling.  I know that something is going to die.  Our relationship will never be the same.  The little girl who relied on me for decades will now rely on someone else.  I don’t like it but I get it!  If you have a daughter still living at home, look at her.  You’ll get it too.

The author takes us through an incredible journey about “rebuilding” his relationship with his daughter.  After all, he really had the chance to build her from infancy to adulthood.  Now, he must rebuild his relationship with her while building a relationship with her new husband.

The author explored new “normals” which was a fascinating discussion.  The way the author always did things in his family became their “normal”.  However, the new husband had an entirely different set of “normals”.  How do you integrate the two sets of “normals”?  He has some great advise.

The author will guide you through his thoughts on safeguarding your daughter’s marriage, conversation, affection, discipline, laughter, faith, conduct, and a few other areas.  This is good stuff.  The book is an easy and fun read.  I read it in two days at a very relaxed pace.

This book should be required reading for every dad who will be giving a daughter away in marriage.  If more people would read this book we would have a lot happier families as everyone deals with their new “normals” and learns the priorities involved in rebuilding relationships.

Robert Wolgemuth (the author) seems like the kind of father-in-law anyone would love.  Read this book.  It’s good for both your head and heart.  I rate it a 4.

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