I Love Spring

With spring here, we have a lot of bird activity around the house.  Below is a picture of some Killdeer eggs.  If you’re not familiar with Killdeers, they build their nests in gravel right along the road.  We have one nest we finally found right on the side of our driveway.  If you get near the nest, the Killdeer female will walk off the nest and pretend she has a broken wing.  She does all she can to lure you away from the nest.  They are really beautiful birds.  Their babies look like cotton balls on stilts!

Killdeer eggs
Killdeer eggs

We also found another nest in our treehouse.  I thought the nest material was pretty interesting!

Interesting nest
Interesting nest

Below is a leftover robin’s egg.  Some of the little robins have already left the nest.

Robin's egg
Robin's egg

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