The Lesson of the Leaf

If you know me, you know I love being outside and being a part of God’s wonderful creation.  I am always amazed by the lessons I continually learn from animals and nature in general.  Today I took a walk (always armed with my camera) and noticed a single leaf, clinging to a vine.  There were no other leaves around.  All the other leaves had been completely blown away except for this one, lonely leaf.

It suddenly hit me…what a lesson on perseverance!  When people tell me every day that they just can’t keep going, that things are too hard, that they just want to give up, maybe they should think of this leaf.  When all his buddies gave up and fell to the ground he kept hanging on.  In spite of what happened to everyone else, he is thriving in the middle of winter.

So…whatever your “winter” might be, remember the leaf and just hang on.  How much more must God care about you!

Just hang on
Just hang on

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