The Piper’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

We had a wonderful time celebrating the Piper’s 25th wedding anniversary.  We spent the afternoon just enjoying each other’s company, eating a lot of great food, shooting all sorts of guns, fishing, and riding the horse.  Congratulations to Everett and Marci on 25 years together!!!  In the picture above are Kathy, Marci (piper), and my wife, Cheri. 
Kathy really knows how to put a party together.  She was the one who spearheaded this party. Thanks, Kathy!!!
Now…how often to you see the president of a university on a horse!!!
Like father like son.  Cobi ran all over the place on Ruby.  He sure knows how to ride!
Everett and Marci enjoying the day.  By the way…it was a surprise party.
Here is a picture of their cake as well as pictures of their wedding day.
Cheri and Joy setting the tables and getting ready for dinner.  
Just enjoying the food!
A little time together as a family.  Of course Cobi was out riding dirt bikes!
Pastor Joe and Dawn Marie Colaw are in the picture above.  Joe is the senior pastor at First Wesleyan Church here in Bartlesville.  These two are GREAT people!
Here is some of what we had.  Grilled salmon, potatoes, fruit salad, grilled bread, sausage…good stuff.
On the right is our chef, Mark (he is in charge of the buildings and grounds at OWU).  Talk about a guy who can cook!  He made a fabulous meal. Siting at the counter are Brett (Vice President for Academic Program Development) and his wife, Tammy.  In the yellow shirt is Randy (Vice President for Development) and his wife Sherry.
So…as the sun set and we all went our separate ways, we remembered a great 25 years for the Pipers and the great celebration time we all had together.

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