SOAR 2008

We just finished several days of SOAR 2008 on campus.  The band we had lead worship this year was Jezreel. Two of the three pictures above show them leading worship in one of the SOAR  events. The top picture is my family with Jezreel during a practice session.  The OWU community had a wonderful time with them and we’re thankful they were on campus for a few days.  Jezreel is wonderful!

Eleventy Seven also performed on one of the nights.

We also had Josh McDowell speaking on campus for SOAR.  He is a remarkable speaker. We had a packed chapel for our SOAR events.  All of the pictures here are from inside the OWU chapel.  It’s a beautiful building and wonderful place to worship.

During SOAR weekend we have high school students visiting campus and had special events for them all weekend.  We had about 230 visitors attend SOAR this year.

The video below is of Jezreel leading worship at OWU.  If you ever get a chance to hear them or can get them to your church, do it!

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