Order of the Arrow National Service Day

Today was the national service day for the Order of the Arrow. Lodges from all over the nation participated in events to help make their community a better place and to give cheerful service to others.

The local Order of the Arrow Lodge is the Washita Lodge #288. Above are the arrowmen who participated in this event today. The Washita Lodge cleaned the inside of the building and raked leaves for the Concern Center in Bartlesville. The Concern Center is located on Penn Ave. and is really a remarkable place devoted to helping others. The center provides food and services for those who find themselves in rough spots financially.

In the picture above you can see Susan, who is the director of the Concern Center. Second from the left is Daniel who also works at the center. The rest of the people in the picture are from the Washita Lodge. On the far right is Tom who is the Lodge advisor.

To learn more about Order of the Arrow (which is associated with the Boy Scouts of America) you can visit http://www.main.oa-bsa.org/. To learn more about our local Washita Lodge you can visit http://www.cherokeebsa.org/oa/index.html.

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