4 thoughts on “A Stormy Day

  1. I figured you had so much money you would fly in on your own and give us a donation for the library 🙂

    It’s great talking with you, Ray.

  2. How many tornadoes have gone through your property?

    When do you expect the library to be done (I hope your schedule is more accurate than the one at PBA)? Are you paying the air fare? 🙂


  3. That’s OK, Ray…I’ll let you handle those hurricanes! Thanks for the congrats on the library. This is really going to be a great library. Maybe you should fly out and see it when it’s done.

    I miss seeing you!

  4. Hey, Bob, if you want sunshine you should try living in Florida! By the way, congratulations on your groundbreaking for the new library. How do you do it so cheaply?

    J. Ray Doerksen

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