Boats, Boats, Boats

Dr. Brian Turner is always coming up with fun experiments for his science classes. In this class, the students had to build boats that would actually float. They studied the various scientific properties involved in floating and did some creative boat building. Now it is time to test their skills (and their grades) and see what they really learned.

Dr. Turner is always coming up with interesting experiments for his courses. You will see his students firing water balloons in home made catapults or looking for clues in a mock crime scene investigation. Dr. Turner knows how to make science fun! Here are some pictures from the boating experiment today.

Some of the boats had some problems staying afloat…

These two boats collided in the pond and sank them both. Actually, the boat on the left was full of renegade pirates who sank the boat on the right!

There were some interesting boat designs…

A successful boat experiment is moving around the lake.

Here is the man behind the creativity, Dr. Turner.

A successful experiment…around the lake and back to shore!!!

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