Bartlesville 26th Annual Green Country Rodeo

We had a great time at the rodeo last night. Here is a picture of all the kids doing the calf scramble. All the calves have pink ribbons on them. The kids get five dollars for every ribbon they can pull off the calves.

Here’s a picture of the calf roping-tie down. These are some pretty fast cowboys.

It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture but this girl is about 7 years old and is riding her pony at the start of the rodeo. All ages were there last night!

…a bucking bronco.

The rodeo started with the national anthem.

2 thoughts on “Bartlesville 26th Annual Green Country Rodeo

  1. Hey Loni…

    Thanks for the comment. You did a GREAT job on Thursday. People in the stands were commenting how good it looked.

    Bring your parents with you to campus sometime and I’ll take you all to lunch at the university. You and your parents can reach me at

    Again, nice work at the rodeo. Give Tobias a pat for me. Keep in touch…

  2. hi this is loni the girl who was carrying the american flag on thursday in ur picture it was fun to see ur pictures the horses name is tobias. Have a great day. Loni

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